Looking for an installer?

If you require an installer we recommend using the ARCTick Search from the Australian Refrigeration Council. You can search in your area for a properly licenced contractor who can help you.

Please note that installation of any split air conditioning system legally requires a licenced electrician and refrigeration technician.

What size wall split do I need?

For an accurate reading nothing beats a thorough heat load calculation for your area by a professional. But you can use this simple estimate calculator here to give you an approximate idea.

Fairair Heatload Calculator

2.5kW 10-15m²
3.5kW 15-25m²
4.2kW 25-30m²
5.0kW 30-35m²
6.0kW 35-43m²
7.1kW 43-50m²
7.8kW 50-55m²
*Please note that this table is only a general guide and is not a recommendation.

 How long is the warranty?

Mitsubishi Electric provide a parts and labour warranty for 5 years for their residential air conditioning systems. This warranty is subject to their terms and conditions. You can look at the warranty card for Mitsubishi Electric here for more details.

Mitsubishi Electric Warranty Card 

Can you install the unit?

Yes we can install the unit, but only in the Adelaide metropolitan area currently. If you require installation please get in touch with us and we can arrange a custom quotation for you to suit your needs.

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How long does delivery usually take?

Air Conditioning Units

Our supplier will ship the units direct to you from their warehouse in each capital city using their third-party freight company. If ordered before 1pm and in stock the unit can normally be delivered within 1-2 business days to metropolitan areas. Remote deliveries will take longer depending on distance.

Smaller Items / Parts

Smaller items from our stock in Adelaide will be sent to you through Australia Post and regular parcel service delivers in 2 or more business days. Delivery times will vary depending on lodgement and destination points. If stock needs to be ordered delivery times will take approximately 4-7 business days.

You can calculate delivery times here.

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