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PAC-ZC80L-E Mitsubishi Electric 24v 8 Zone Controller

PAC-ZC80L-E 24v 4 Zone Controller

Mitsubishi Electric introduces the Zone Controller that has the ability to control 8 zones. The Zone Remote Controller allows monitoring and operating of the air conditioning unit and zones, schedule operation of unit and zones also available. It is equipped with three built-in sensors (temperature, brightness & occupancy) which allows for comfortable air environment and also helps to reduce energy consumption.

This package includes the Zone Controller box and comes standard with a PAR-ZC01ME-E Wired LCD Wall Controller.


Easy Operation

  • Backlight LCD and large display for high visibility and simple operation.
  • Touch panel LCD for easy usage.
  • LED light indicator indicates the operation status in different colours.(eg. Red:Heat, Blue: Cool etc.)
  • Built-in temperature sensor detects the room temperature and displays it on the screen.
  • Built-in occupancy sensor detects a person and operates the units accordingly.
  • Built-in brightness sensor operates the units according to the surrounding brightness level.

Energy Save Functions

  • Energy save control will turn on when the occupancy sensor detects room/area vacancy.
  • The occupancy sensor detects the occupancy based on movements and also the temperature difference between the occupant and its surroundings.
  • Only one of the energy-saving controls can be used at any time.
  • Energy-saving mode can be deactivated according to the lighting level detected by the brightness sensor (e.g. while occupants are sleeping at night.)

Averaging Sensor Control

Zone Controller allows having 5 sensors in the system (Main RC, Sub RC, Optional Sensor 1, Optional Sensor 2 and indoor unit sensor). Control of the unit is based on averaging of the sensors of the active zones.

Fan Speed Control

When the fan speed of the unit is set to auto, it will control the fan speed according to the number of opened outlets and the temperature difference between set and space temperature. 

Damper Motors

The damper motors connected to the zone controller system must be drive open / drive close type only.

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