Airtech Pty Ltd

PAR-CT01MAA-SB Mitsubishi Electric LCD Controller

Simplified Touch Screen Wired Remote Controller with Bluetooth®

The full colour touch controller PAR-CT01MAA-SB enables the control of both residential and commercial air conditioning applications. It has a customisable 3.5 inch colour LCD touch panel that makes it easy to use.

Comes in a white finish with Bluetooth® technology for smartphone communication.


User-friendly Interface

Big visible-sized icons on the full colour 3.5 inch touch panel display. Operation panels are easier to see and simple to use. Logo images can also be displayed on the initial screen for a more customised and user-friendly experience.

Customised Flexibility

180 colour patterns can be selected for control parameters or background on the display. Users can also customise the panel to display the selected paramaters only, for e.g. Hotels can choose to only display the basic settings of ON/OFF, set temp., fan speed etc.

Bluetooth® Low Energy Technology

Remote controller can communicate with smartphone or tablet device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Operation and Setting App are available on the App Store.


  • Full Colour LCD Touch Display
  • 3.5 inch LCD Touch Display
  • Customisable Display
  • 180 Colour Patterns Available
  • Hotel Setting Available
  • Logo Image Customisation
  • Available in White or Premium Black
  • Convenient Installation
  • Smartphone Connectivity with Bluetooth®
  • Multilingual Support


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